Tram & Tubing Center

Hours of Operations:
  • April, 2th - May 29th (weekends only)
  • May 30th  – September 5th  (everyday)
  • September 10th – September 25th (weekends only)
  • Parking Fee for entrance into Rainbow River State Park: $5.00 per Vehicle 
              (with a Maximum of 8 people per Vehicle) 
  • Tram and Tube Trip:   $15.00 (tax included)
  • Payment accepted:  Visa, Master Card, or Cash

 What We Provide:
The entrance fee of five dollars is your access to the Rainbow Springs State Park amenities. To find out more about Rainbow Springs State Park, please visit their web site: The $15.00 fee, per person is the cost for your, tube & shuttle trip. If you bring your own tube the $15.00 fee still applies. All tickets for your floating trip are $15.00.

  •  All tubes may not exceed 60 inches.

Tips of what to bring:

  • $2.00 for key hold
  • Non-Disposable water container
  • River shoes
  • Suntan Lotion
  • Hat's for Sun Protection
  • Life Jacket as Nature Quest does NOT supply or provide life jackets
  • If you have a personal tube of your choice as long as it does not exceed 60 inches
  • $15.00 for your fee to float down the Rainbow River
Other Things To Expect:
  • The Rainbow River is 72 degrees year-round.
  • The floating trip will last about 2 hours.
  • While enjoying the natural surroundings please be mindful to the riverbed, it is very important to protect the ecosystem of the river.
  • There is a chance that you could flip out of your canoe, tube or kayak. It is important that you can sustain yourself in the water without a floating device. 
  • The River may be swift in some areas.
  • The walkway when you exit the river is slippery.
  • The depth of the water varies throughout the river.
  • Also, Please try to get over to the lefts side of the river early and use the rope provided to exit Rainbow River.

You are not allowed to take coolers and/or disposable items,
including tobacco products on the Tram & Tube Trip.

* Alcohol is not 
 in the Park.*

Click here for a link to: Rules and Safety Tips

Contact Information:
Tube & Shuttle Sales Office

Nature Quest
10830 180th Avenue Road
Dunnellon, FL 34432